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What is Engineering? All you want to know

What is engineering? Engineering is the application of scientific principles for development and design of machines, structure, or processes by considering various aspects like cost, functions, and safety. In short, we can say that engineering deals with creating something or make changes in something which is already created. Engineering field is vast and there are lots of areas to give specific focus.


What is Engineering


Role of Engineers

The main role of an engineer. no matter which field or branch is is to provide economical solutions to a technical problem by using mathematical and scientific formulas. As mentioned, their role is not limited to provide solutions to the problem, but also create or build innovative products for society for their comfort.


Development of the new product required several factors to consider like cost, safety, life, reliability, ergonomics and more. Sometimes modification in existing product results in a completely new product which is far better than the existing product. Thus discoveries are made.


To solve any design problem, we need to follow predefined steps as below:

  • Define the problem in details

What will be output if the problem will be unsolved? Where is exactly the problem taking place? By what time it needs to be solved? Why it is crucial to solving the problem.

  • Collect all information

What are similar problems to this one? What are available solutions? Which is the best solution as per cost? What are other factors which are important in addition to cost? Source of information may be technical handbook, academics books, encyclopedia, or internet.

  • Create multiple solutions

  • Analyse and select one solution

  1. Strength analysis
  2. Functional Analysis
  3. Ergonomics
  4. Manufacturability
  5. Economic analysis
  6. Regulatory and compliance


  • Testing

Prototyping is the best way for testing any new product as the testing actual product may incur huge investment and cost.

  • Implementation

This is the final stage of design after successful testing of prototype.



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